The Honest Pursuit of These Things

In her lawyering days, Tricia was described as a pitbull refusing to let go of a bone. She represented 6 New England states before the Supreme Court of the United States, sued the U.S. Navy for environmental damages in RI, sued the EPA, major power plants and the state landfill for clean air act violations. But that is how her career as an environmental lawyer defined her.  She is more than the suit of armor she wore for 17 years to protect the people and places she cared about. She is also a dreamer and a believer in magical moments. She wants the world to be a beautiful, forgiving, compassionate and loving place for all people. She will always be there fighting for the honest pursuit of these things: beauty, forgiveness, compassion, truth. She is also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, lawyer, writer, basketball coach and a serious chocolate addict.